Oilfield Water Logistics, LLC (OWL) provides water infrastructure and services to the energy industry with a focus on pipeline gathering systems, produced water disposal and reclamation. OWL, through its partnership with Natural Gas Partners ("NGP") and NGP Energy Technology Partners ("NGPETP"), is a leader in water management and is able to provide energy companies in the most prolific basins a confident choice to handle their water logistics. OWL is committed to its customers, to safety and to the environment and operates at the highest standards. Please click here to contact us.


Water Gathering

OWL provides water transport services for companies by building permanent water pipelines and gathering infrastructure, as well as coordinating third-party trucking where necessary. OWL builds supply and disposal lines, and reclamation infrastructure where appropriate in between, to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for our customers.

Water Disposal

OWL has a network of saltwater disposal wells to handle produced water, flowback and mud. OWL owns facilities in the Permian and has relationships throughout the industry to handle customers' needs in any region. OWL is a proven leader in the disposal business with state-of-the-art operations and a commitment to the environment.

Water Reclamation

OWL can integrate water reclamation services into its systems for customers to reclaim produced water for reuse. OWL has access to water treatment systems and partners and is active in the R&D pursuit of efficient, low cost technology.